Model Solution of UDC/G session 6/18 | P-I

                                                                     Solution of Paper-1

                                                                         (Works Accounts)

Ans.1(a): Various kind of Tender As per works regulation Tender are of following kinds:-

Open Tenders -for the major works,tenders will be invited contractors through publicity in the news paper/Journals allowing a minimum from the date of first publication for submission of tenders. In urgent cases, reduced to 2 weeks.

from the eligible

period of 4 weeks the period may be

Limited Tenders – For minor works tenders may be invited from all registered contractors through letters sent by registered post: acknowledgement due’ giving a minimum period of 15 days from the date of Issue of such letters for submission of tenders In exceptional cases the period can be reduced as considered necessary by the competent authority.


Limited tender may be invited for major works upto Rs 50 lacs only in any emergent case. The detailed reason thereof may be recorded and the approval of the authorities below will be obtained before Inviting limited tenders-

Authority which can accept tenders                        Approving Authority for Inviting tender

    CE                                                                                        Member Incharge

    SE                                                                                                    CE

   SE                                                                                                    SrXen

  • Limited tenders shall be Invited from all the contractors registered with tile appropriated authority .In case where the number of such registered contractor is less than 5, limited tenders shall be invited from the contractors registered with other organizations of the Board/PWO.
  • Single Tender: – Single tenders may be Invited for jobs such as maintenance and repairs of propriety equipment etc,which can be got dine through a specialized firm/contractors.
  • Spot Tenders In urgent cases tender for works may be obtained through spot committee with the approval of Director/concerned using power of limited tender. One member of the committee should be from accounts member. The committee will collect the tenders along with earnest money.

Ans.1 (b) i TWO PARTS BIDS:-

For works upto Rs 5 Crores

Tenders shall be submitted In two parts-

Part 1- Earnest Money

Part II- Commercial &Technical conditions of Price Bid

The tenderer shall seal original or each part of the tender separately in double envelop, duly marked as Part-I or Part-II.

The Inner envelope of each part of the tenders shall Indicate the name and address of the tenderer to enable the tender to be returned un-opened, if it does not meet the N.I.T.

Model Salution of UOC/G Session 6/18/P-I

requirements. The tender shall be submitted

in duplicate, triplicate or quadruplicate, as

desired. Other copies of the tender shall be similarly sealed and marked.

Ans. 1 (b) ii THREE PART BIDS:-

For works exceeding Rs.5 Crores

Tenders shall be submitted In three part in duplicate or as specifically desired.

Part-1: Earnest Money.

Part-II: Commercial & Technical Conditions (Qualifying financial effects)

Part-III: Price Bid

Each part shall be sealed in separate envelope duly subscribed on the envelope as part-1, Part-Il and Part-III. Envelope marked Part-l, ‘Earnest Money’ shall be opened and if the earnest money is found in order then the envelope marked Part-II ‘Commercial & Technical conditions Qualifying Financial effects’ shall be opened. In case financial effects unambiguous and without any reservations specified, only then Part-III-‘Price bid’ shall be opened.


The authority next to the authority placing the order should decide the question of blacklisting any firm or debarring any firm from business dealings.