BEST 500 Medieval Indian History  (MCQs) for UPSC, SSC and States PCS Examinations

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1.Which among the following Mughal Emperor was also known as Roshan Akhtar ?

[A] Ahmed Shah
[B] Muhammad Shah
[C] Jahandar Shah
[D] Shah Alam

Correct Answer: B [ Muhammad Shah]
Muhammad Shah Rangile also known as Roshan Akhtar, was the Mughal emperor between 1719 and 1748. During his time, Nadir Shah attacked and looted Delhi and took the Peacock Throne with himself.
2.Who rebuilt the Somnath temple in 815 AD after it was destroyed by Arab Invaders in 725 AD?

[A] Vikramaditya II
[B] Nagabhatta-I
[C] Nagabhatta-II
[D] Mihirbhoja

Correct Answer: C [Nagabhatta-II]
Nagabhatta II is best known for rebuilding the Somnath Temple in 815 AD, which was destroyed by Arab invaders in 725AD. This was a large structure of Red Sandstone; again destroyed in 1024AD by Mahamud of Ghazni.
3.Which of the following Sena rulers introduced Kulinism in Bengal?

[A] Hemant Sen
[B] Ballala Sen
[C] Vijay Sen
[D] Lakshman Sen

Correct Answer: B [Ballala Sen]
One of the vassals of Pala called Hemant Sen founded the Sena Dynasty. The third king of this dynasty Ballala Sena (1160-1178) introduced the social reforms in Bengal known as Kulinism.
4.Which among the following Mughal painters is credited for painting Siberian Crane and the Dodo for the first time?

[A] Abu al-Hasan
[B] Bishandas
[C] Farrukh Beg
[D] Ustad Mansur

Correct Answer: D [Ustad Mansur]
Ustad Mansur as a painter started his career during the last few years of Akbar`s reign as a minor painter. However, later he flourished during the time of Jahangir.
Ustad Mansur was a leading painter in Emperor Jahangir’s court who was famous for depicting plants and animals. Most important paintings were of Siberian Crane and Dodo. The latter was an important source of reference for Zoologists till date. The Siberian Crane painted on paper is highly intricate showing the wrinkles on the bare skin, the legs and a small feather stuck to the claw.
5.Which among the following place is the birth place of Humayun?

[A] Agra
[B] Kabul
[C] Badakhashan
[D] Sasaram

Correct Answer: B [Kabul]
Nasir-ud-Din Muḥammad (6 March 1508 – 27 January 1556), is known by his name, Humayun was the second emperor of the Mughal Empire, who ruled over territory in what is now Afghanistan, Pakistan, Northern India, and Bangladesh from 1530–1540 and again from 1555–1556. Like his father, Babur, he lost his kingdom early but regained it with the aid of the Safavid dynasty of Persia, with additional territory. At the time of his death in 1556, the Mughal Empire spanned almost one million square kilometres.
6.Kalachuri Empire is related to which of the following modern area?

[A] Karnataka
[B] Madhya Pradesh
[C] Andhra Pradesh
[D] Tamil Nadu

Correct Answer: B [Madhya Pradesh]

The Kalachuris ruled Indian dynasty and they ruled in west-central India between 6th and 7th centuries. They are also known as the Haihayas. The Kalachuri territory included parts of present-day Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra.
7.Pakistan Resolution or Lahore Resolution was a formal political statement adopted by the Muslim League in which year ?

[A] 1940
[B] 1942
[C] 1945
[D] 1947

Correct Answer: A [1940]
The Lahore Resolution was passed in 1940. It was written and prepared by Muhammad Zafarullah Khan and was presented by A. K. Fazlul Huq, the Prime Minister of Bengal. It was a formal political statement adopted by the All-India Muslim League on the occasion of its three-day general session in Lahore.
8.Which among the following is not a work of Amir Khusrau?

[A] Khazyan-ul-Futuh
[B] Tughluq Nama
[C] Tarik-i-Alai
[D] Tabqat-i-Naisiri

Correct Answer: D [Tabqat-i-Naisiri]
Tabaqat-i Nasiri (named after Sultan Nasir-ud-Din) is a mega history of Islamic world writen in Persian by Minhaj-i-Siraj. It gives details of early Islamic empires in 23 volumes.
9.Which among the following statement is INCORRECT?

[A] Vijay sen was the most famous and powerful king of Sen Dynasty
[B] Samanta Sen was the founder of Sen Dynasty
[C] Samanta Sen was the son of Hemanta Sen
[D] Adbhutta Sagara was a work of Ballal Sen

Correct Answer: C [Samanta Sen was the son of Hemanta Sen]
Samanta Sen was the Father of Hemanta Sen
10.Which of the following Sultans is known to have laid the foundation of Agra City?

[A] Bahlol Lodi
[B] Sikandar Lodi
[C] Ibrahim Lodi
[D] Shershah Suri

Correct Answer: B [Sikandar Lodi]
Sikandar Lodi had laid the foundation of the Agra City in 1503. he was son of Bahlol Lodi.