How to score maximum marks in English Phrase and idioms replacement

 How to score maximum marks in Phrase replacement Questions?

What is phrase replacement?

  • Phrase replacement is a part of the English section, asked in various banking examination for various posts. It basically tests the candidate’s knowledge of the English language.

What is asked in phrase replacement?

  • In the English Language section, these questions are asked. The question aims to check the knowledge of grammar rules. In a given sentence, the statement of question and phrase is given. The phrase to be replaced is underlined or bold. The underlined phrase has to be replaced with phrases given in the options.

What is the difficulty level of the question?

  • The syllabus itself is very easy, questions from moderate level and mixed is asked.
  • This is a very easy section and could be targeted easily by the candidate.


How to attempt phrase replacement?

  • To find the error in the sentence you must have a good knowledge of Grammar Rules. Always remember to check the correct use of the verb and the tense. Many times, the tense is written wrongly or the verb is misplaced. This will help you to solve the questions easily and quickly.
  • To solve these questions, read the sentence or statement carefully Then, analyze the meaning and more importantly the tone of the given sentence i.e., positive, negative, sarcastic, critical or analytical. After that, find the correct option that will make the sentence grammatically correct and will not change the meaning of the statement.
  • You can also use the elimination approach. Try to eliminate the inappropriate options. The correct option or answer will be grammatically correct based on that eliminate all grammatically incorrect options. This approach will help you to find the answers quickly
  • Replace the phrase written in the correct option with the bold or underline part of the question and read the whole sentence once again. While changing/replacing the underlined or bold part, make sure that the meaning of the sentence doesn’t change.
  • It is not necessary that there should always be errors present in the sentence. Often, the sentence is grammatically correct and there are no errors present in the statement. Try to avoid the habit of always finding the errors in a sentence. Sometimes no correction is needed in a sentence and in that situation choose “No correction required” option.

How to prepare for phrase replacement?

  • The main method to prepare this topic and other related topics is strengthening the concept of English grammar. Make a note of all the rules and do a good practice on parts of speech and sentence structure and finally practice a lot of questions and try to learn the elimination method while practising only. It will save your time in the exam.

Quiz Based on Phrase Replacement

Question 1: Less than a million of rupees are required immediately. Go to the bank and withdraw the cash.

  1. rupees were
  2. rupees was
  3. rupees to be
  4. rupees is
  5. No correction required

Question 2: Soup and Salad are a wholesome food.

  1. are
  2. are not
  3. may be a
  4. is a
  5. No correction required

Question 3: I as well as my mother are going to attend the meeting.

  1. am going
  2. is going
  3. were going
  4. had been going
  5. No correction required

Question 4: A mango is considered the king among fruits.

  1. An apple
  2. An mango
  3. A apple
  4. The mango
  5. No correction required

Question 5: He bought ten dozens of bananas.

  1. large quantity
  2. plenty of
  3. ten dozen
  4. did not bought
  5. No correction required


  1. D

Explanation: Whenever adjectives such as much, less, little and more are used as nouns, they are always followed by a singular verb. Another Example: A little of good habits makes our life happy – is the correct sentence.

  1. D

Explanation: If two subjects express one common idea, it is always followed by a singular verb. Another Example: Bread and Butter is a good breakfast – is the correct sentence.

  1. A

Explanation: If two subjects are joined together by as well as; then the verb in the sentence will always be according to the first subject. Another Example: He as well as his brothers is sitting in the park – is the correct sentence

  1. D

Explanation: Whenever a singular noun represents the whole class, then “The” is used before it. Another Example: The ass is used as a beast of burden – is the correct sentence. But remember “Man” and “Woman” do not take “the” before them. For Example: Man is mortal – is the correct sentence.

  1. C

Explanation: Words like dozen, score, hundred, thousand, pair, million, etc. when preceded by a numeral are used as singulars. Another Example: I have four pair of shoes – is the correct sentence